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Pam Fries


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Pam has lived on the Olympic Peninsula for over 35 years. Most of that time has been spent in Port Angeles with eight of those years residing in Forks. She has been a substitute teacher in elementary education, a Preschool teacher, an Office Manager and retail clerk. Her most treasured accomplishments were having two wonderful boys who then gave her two extraordinary daughter-in-law’s and five awesome grandchildren. She was married 36 years before her husband passed away.
Before her husband’s passing she felt the Lord leading her to publish her book, (that had been penned 7 years prior) by the end of the year. With her husband’s encouragement she began the process only to find out it was a much more complex process than she thought. After working on “just trying to figure out how to go about it” for three months she gave up. Then her husband got very sick and was in the hospital in Critical Care for 6 weeks where he passed away. It was during the planning of his memorial when a friend asked “How’s your book coming?” that she shared her frustrations and admitted giving up. At that moment she heard an almost audible voice that asked her, “Did you ask Me?” The next day she prayed for direction and then signed up at a self publishing school that would guide her through the process and have her book published at the end of the year as she was first directed. She also illustrated the book as well.
Her book “Something’s Eating the Garden” has given her purpose and a focus, not to mention much joy. She visits schools to speak to children of all ages about becoming an Author and Illustrator, and to share art lesson with the older children or plant a garden with the younger ones.
In regards to future books, there is a coloring/activity book coming out to go with “Something’s Eating the Garden” in 2020. Also since the first book featured grandchild number one, now the other 4 want “Mimi” to write a book featuring them! Who knows how many are ahead!
You can connect with her on Instagram and Facebook for upcoming books and events.

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