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Chris Kleinfelter

Age: 66


  • Poet
  • Essayist
  • Researcher
  • Blogger
  • Technical writer
  • History
  • Article Writing
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fiction


I started writing poetry in 1994 when I went to college at age 40. I won an award for a poem I submitted to our campus literary journal, Thoughts Beyond Insanity. That encouraged me to continue and I have not stopped since. I have been published twice in the literary journal, Harrisburg Review. I also had work published in The Villager, a magazine published by a women's club in Bronxville, NY. There are a few others I have lost track of over time.
My prose efforts include several years of writing Adventures In Antiquing which discusses the buying and selling of antiques which was a trade I practiced as an antidote to my short and unsatisfactory stint as a paralegal. I have another blog, Seaward Adventures, which is about ”Wind, Water and Sailing as Soulcraft .”
Currently, I work for a manufacturer of luxury yachts. My small contribution to building boats for billionaires is fashioning cabinet parts from expensive hardwoods. My night-work involves poetry to keep myself only just as sane as I need to be while writing a historical novel set in the American Civil War.

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