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My name is Pam Fries. I am the mother of 2 amazing sons, 2 daughters-by-another-mother (my incredible daughters-in-law) and 5 exceptional grandchildren.  Sadly, my husband of 36 years passed away recently. Now it is just myself, my mom, my dog Gracie, cat Todd, my granddaughter’s bunny Oscar, and my 13 chickens at home.

Did I mention I am a crazy chicken lady? Yep, I am. My granddaughters and I have even painted the chickens' toenails! I kind of have a mini farm, but we don’t have the llamas, sheep, horse, or goats anymore. After family and farm, I am an artist, author, and illustrator. 

I have done many things in my life. I began college pursuing a major in Primary Education and Professional Subjects.  I went on to teach preschool and was a substitute teacher in grades Kindergarten through Middle School. I then turned to homeschooling my own children for many years. I especially enjoyed the children's vivid imagination during the preschool years.

Once my kids were grown, I began drawing as a creative escape. With encouragement, I started to learn how to use color and paint.  Once I got the hang of it, I never wanted to stop!  I now paint commemorative stones for people's beloved pets in addition to other types of artwork. For the commemorative stones, I gather rocks from the Pacific Ocean or surrounding waterways of Washington. In the past I have sold the stones and my paintings at a local gallery. While I still take commissions for all my artwork, I have focused my recent efforts on my book "Something's Eating the Garden".  

“Something’s Eating the Garden” was written about a visit that my husband and granddaughter Laci took to “Papa’s” amazing garden many years ago when Laci was 3. The Lord inspired me to pen the words for the book in about an hour, then the pictures took another 7 years!  It is finally here, though. Papa would have been so pleased! 

I hope you can enjoy, as much as we did, the walk through the garden while you try to figure out who is the culprit eating the fruits and vegetables!

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