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Have You Added Your Listing to Our FREE Directory?

We're happy to provide a Featured Listing if you qualify, but there is a one-time, $150 cost for that.  Your directory listing is FREE, however.   Be sure to take advantage of it.

Your listing in the Olympic Peninsula Writers Directory is FREE, now and forever.

Featured Listings Details

Do You Qualify for a Featured Listing?

The Featured page and section of our website is reserved exclusively to:

  • Writers
  • Authors
  • Publishers

that live on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.

If you do not meet these requirements, you may advertise on this site, but not as Featured.

How to Get Your Featured Listing on Olympic Peninsula Writers

  1. Qualify (see above)
  2. Complete the form that follows ... scroll down page.
  3. Pay the $150 fee (one time for lifetime)
  4. After your initial submission, updates to your featured page will be charged a $25 minimum fee.

How Featured Listings Work

  1. Featured listings appear in the order that they are requested on the Featured Writers, Authors and Publisher's Page.
  2. Your listing is indexed in our site search and you listing will be searchable by your specific and relevant keywords: your name, company name.
  3. We post EVERYTHING that you submit, with the exception of your email address, which is optional.

    SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT EMAIL: your featured listing includes a contact form that is sent directly from our server to your email address (which is encrypted), so you can still receive emails from the site via the form without making your email address public.

Complete the Form Below to Purchase Your Featured Listing

Note: fields marked with a red * asterisk are required.  

What is posted?  We post everything that you provide with the exception of your email address.  (If you confirm with YES, then we will post your email address, too).

Making your Payment?  You will be redirected to a page with payment instructions AFTER you have submitted the form below.  You will be able to make payment online if you want to.

Uploading files?  Total of uploaded files must be less than 20mb or it will fail.

We want to add an image to your listing.  You may upload it using the upload image below or you may give us a link (URL) to it as an alternative if you cannot upload it.

Your directory page ID is the number in your URL that follows ...View&id=

For example, my url in the directory is:, so my ID # is 7.

If you would like to attach a document, such as a PDF flyer or brochure, upload it using the field below.

If you would like for us to embed a youtube video, please provide the youtube share link below.

Tap Here for an image showing how to do this. (image will open in a new window)

  1. Open your video on youtube
  2. Tap on the share link
  3. Tap on copy
  4. Paste what you copied (that's your share url) into the field below

If you would like us to embed a call to action button after your video, provide the text of the button and the URL below.

  • The TEXT is the words on the button
  • The URL is the page that someone is taken to when they click on the button.

We will post as much text as you like.

You may provide this in the text area that follows, OR you may upload a document for this, and we will convert it to HTML for the website.

(Just do ONE of these methods, not both!)

Note: if there are additional images or links embedded in your document, they will be stripped out and not posted.

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