Douglas E Nevill, Sr

Douglas E Nevill, Sr

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I am a publisher (mostly point of sale print media and direct mail), write content for websites, business promotional articles and also am expert at SEO (search engine optimization).

I'm Doug, Sr.  There is another Doug Nevill in town (my firstborn son) 😊 and I am grateful to God for the stand-up man he has become.

 "A wise son maketh a glad father: ..." Proverbs 10:1

Writing is a gift.

The Lord gave us four children, and one of them (the red-headed girl) has some gifts with languages (she is fluent in Spanish) and did very well in English subjects in school and college.

Everyone is gifted.

Everyone is gifted but not all are gifted the same.

Expecting someone to write well that does not have the gift is like expecting someone that is tone deaf to sing well or someone that can barely draw a stick figure to paint a masterpiece.

My Writing Background

My writing background stems from high school.  I have some gifts in English grammar and communications.  I was on the school paper editorial staff and the journalism club.

I was really good at writing, but was terrified by public speaking.  As a good student that actually enjoyed learning, I was only tempted to "play hooky" when I was going to have to read in front of the class or do some oral report.  

I remember as a grade-school child taking the thermometer over to the little clay stove and heating it up so my mom would think I had a fever and she would let me stay home from school.  This habit did not go with me into junior or senior high school, but I was still always sickened to have to make those public speeches.  It would make me feel physically sick.

A "Religious" Experience

Then something happened to me during the summer of my freshman year in high school that rocked my world and changed my life forever - I became a follower of Jesus Christ and my whole world changed.  Before I committed my life to Jesus, I very much felt the burden that the pilgrim felt in the Pilgrim's Progress.

I now had a joy in my heart where previously I had depression and I was pressed from within my spirit to begin telling my classmates about Jesus ... which eventually led to me being asked to share publicly (which still made me feel sick, but I did it anyway).

A few months later, I wrote and published a little gospel tract.  In my junior year, I began teaching Bible lessons to a school Bible club that we operated.

Since I was so nervous about public speaking, most of what I did was written and then read.

I ended up going to a Bible college and earned a bachelor's degree in Biblical studies.

I traveled with a gospel quartet (sang baritone) and preached in many of the mid-western, eastern and southern states.

I served as a bi-vocational youth director and pastor for twenty years, and wrote commentaries on many books of the Bible and developed several study courses.

On the Secular Side

My dad was a general contractor and I learned some things about small business from him.  I wish I had learned more carpenter skills.

I started drawing logos for some businesses when I was in high school.  I was a fair artist.  I got connected to a printer and was exposed to a bit of print media.

I started working in the college print shop while I was in college and was also employed at a newspaper in the Chicago area.

I had a keen interest in business, so asked a lot of questions and started studying up on business things - and especially marketing.

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